The Influencisizer

The Influencisizer is a feedback system that uses eye tracking to gauge attention and respond by automatically adjusting the content that is output to the viewer. Our product takes inspiration from the media feedback system in The Girl Who Was Plugged In (which this technology is based on) which uses a sensor system to adjust television content based on biofeedback. The system is a compliment to the wetware the story’s main character has implanted in her by an advertising firm so she can mentally fuse with an empty body, allowing her to become a walking, talking advertisement (an example of influencer culture before its time). In consideration of hygiene concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19, we have elected to make a contactless version of this system which uses gaze tracking over a webcam in lieu of sensors. The result is a realistic technology that automatically adjusts content based on gaze to attempt to hold the viewer’s attention.

Source: Based on the biosensor feedback media control system in James Tiptree Jr’s “The Girl Who Was Plugged In” featured in the collection Her Smoke Rose Up Forever.

The idea that art thrives on creative flamboyance has long been torpedoed by proof that what art needs is computers. Because this showbiz has something TV and Hollywood never had—automated inbuilt viewer feedback. Samples, ratings, critics, polls? Forget it. With that carrier field you can get real-time response-sensor readouts on every receiver in the world, served up at your console. That started as a thingie to give the public more influence on content. Yes. Try it, man. You’re at the console. Slice to the sex-age-educ-econ-ethno-cetera audience of your choice and start. You Can’t Miss. Where the feedback warms up, give’ em more of that. Warm—warmer—hot! You’ve hit it—the secret itch under those hides, the dream in those hearts. You don’t need to know its name. With your hand controlling all the input and your eye reading all the response you can make them a god … and somebody’ll do the same for you.” – Excerpt from The Girl Who Was Plugged In by James Tiptree Jr.