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Digital Alchemy Workshop Series

The Digital Alchemy Workshop Series extends the questions, hands-on making as thinking, and speculative design inherent in the physical exhibition Future Technology Products through an ongoing series of free-to-the-public web-based workshops. You can review the past sessions below as well as workshop materials. The Digital Alchemy Workshop Series is a collaboration between Mirabelle Jones, Catch: Center for Art, Design, and Technology Education, and Artsformation. To stay updated on future workshops, please visit Workshop 1: The Future Gallery Text – What would it be like to step inside the art gallery of the future? What kinds of art objects, materials, technologies, themes and aesthetics can we expect to find there? What would the exhibition wall text, catalogue and other written materials in the exhibition be like? How does the way the exhibition is presented to us reflect the values of this future society? In this design fiction / speculative writing workshop, we will take a deep dive into the language of art. We will begin by having a look at present day practices, investigating the language artists and curators use when discussing, describing, and evaluating works of art. We will put our knowledge into creative action by speculating about future exhibitions. In the end, we will each create our own exhibition text for an art exhibition of the future. No materials are necessary for this workshop which is open to artists, designers, curators, and creative thinkers alike, especially those who want to improve their ability to discuss artwork and exhibitions through text. The workshop is also an opportunity for artists, designers, curators, and other arts enthusiasts to meet and collaborate with each other during a time of social distancing. Discussion led by Mirabelle Jones and curator Majken Overgaard. Workshop 2: Diverse Sci-Fi Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon – There has been a long and rich history between science fiction and the development of new technologies. From virtual reality to teleconferencing, science fiction has left its ongoing influence on our present day device-driven world. But technologies are not neutral: they are imbued with the values and interests of their creators. What are the implications, then, if many of the works of science fiction which we see attributed to modern technologies were penned by white cisgender heteronormative male authors? What are the implications if the same dominant voices are overwhelmingly centered in the design and development of new technology products? Who gets a voice in creating the future and who is excluded? In the workshop we will work together to collectively decide and develop wikipedia entries around the subject of diverse works of science fiction. In this hands-on Wikipedia edit-a-thon, we consider the role of Wikipedia as a source of knowledge by examining the entries for science fiction and science fiction technologies. No prior experience with editing wikipedia is required. Sign up information can be found at Artsformation: