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uture Technology Products is a global leader in cutting-edge speculative electronics and consumer devices. Founded in 2020 by a team of researchers, data scientists, hardware and software engineers, and visionaries, Future Technology Products seeks to build the world of tomorrow starting today! Our goals extend beyond making products simply based on what we know is possible in the present day. Instead, we dare to push our understanding of existing technologies to their limit, embracing an approach which harnesses speculative design and development practices to make the seemingly impossible a reality.

Future Technology Products looks to diverse works of science fiction for examples of inspiration and brilliance to allow us to imagine devices beyond the confines of our world’s existing technologies.

Our Products

Making the impossible probable.


Limited Time Offer: Meet Your Quantum Self

We’re so thrilled about our most recent product, the quantum communication crystal inspired by the Prisms of Ted Chiang’s “Anxiety is the Dizziness of Freedom” that we wanted to share it with you! For a limited time only (10 participants), we’re inviting you (yes you!) and selected guests the opportunity to receive a video message from your quantum self. What If…? We all find ourselves from time to time wondering how things might have turned out differently if we had made different decisions or been born into different situations. What would life be like if you’d married your high school sweetheart? How about if the first job you landed was at your mother’s high profile investment firm? What if you had decided to start your own company or pursue further higher education? We can’t help but be curious about the ways our paths in life might have diverged! How to Participate If you are interested in participating, please get in touch using the contact form below with the subject Quantum Communication. If we have spots available, we will then send you further instructions on how to participate. If we do not have spots available, we will let you know and add you to our waiting list.  

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Click the above link to get in touch and join our lab. We welcome involvement from other designers, developers, makers, and creators. Our speculative design studio focuses on creating objects found in diverse works of science fiction. You can see and add to our reading list for inspiration. If you would like to join our lab, or have a project you’d like to propose, please get in touch.